Flipped Out at The Comedy Store

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  • Community Service at The Comedy Store because we’re cool
  • Don’t get your ass beat by your mama in your 40’s
  • Sarah Tiana is hot, and sounds hot on KROQ w/ Kevin & Bean
  • Seems like Bill Burr beat us in ticket sales. So I scared him with over masculine gayness
  • The APDA is a great org to donate to because they help save lives

I can’t begin to tell you how fun this show was. It started with the desire to do more than tell jokes for a living. To me it’s vitally important to be or service to others. The whole doing something greater than oneself was taught to me by my awesome Jamaican Mom since I was a child….that and how to make kick ass curry goat…but I digress.

Now that comedy is starting to pay the bills I figured I better do something for others so I don’t get an ass whooping from my mom in my 40’s. That would be embarrassing.  Next thing you know I’m speaking with with my brotha from a white mutha Andrew Pettersen of GMP Marketing about it and he was like “let’s get a charity involved” I was like “cool”. So he was like “cool” so I was like “cool”…”how”?

He said I had to pick something near and dear to me. A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s. My new LA comedy scene hommie the legendary Rick Shapiro also lives with Parkinson’s so The APDA was the natural choice..cause they’re awesome. (It’s 2 am, I’m in a silly mood so forgive my writing.) The next thing you know we had a show with some of the best comedians you could hope to see in one night.

The Community Service Comedians for a Cause were: Tony Hinchliffe, Sarah Tiana, Jackson McQueen, Tamer Kattan, Darren Carter, Kimrie Lewis Davis, Cyrus Naderpour , Demar Randy and of course Rick Shapiro were all amazing. Sarah even did an interview on the KROQ Morning Show w/ Kevin & Bean! You can check that out here!

The show kicked ass. All the comedians killed…of course. They’re all dope as fuck. I had a lot of fun too. And the APDA got a little money and a whole lot of new followers and donors. We didn’t have as large a crowd as we’d have liked but the last minute Bill Burr show in the main room being the reason made me feel better. It’s Bill Burr for Christ’s sake.

Later on the Comedy Store patio I even got to tease him with one of my classic threatening gay black men bits on the patio. He didn’t seem to be expecting it. I made him laugh. He didn’t file a restraining. I feel good about it. We’ll be back at The Comedy Store soon! Community Service: Comedians with a Cause got more work to do!

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